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The name of Boeing is very similar in the airline industries which are mostly refer to a big plane. Now Boeing has come out with a new technology in the innovation of air drone and also submarine drone. The submarine drone is known as Boeing Echo Voyager the latest unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV). 

This drone can operate for months at a time without the help from the ships help. This is because the 15.5 meter drone operate with hybrid system which recharge the power system and also the modular payload bay. Compare to the previous drones, they can only operate for a few hours in a day before come back to the main ship in order for the drones to recharge their battery life.

Boeing Echo Voyager is used the surface of the sea or to detect any treats that will be used in the army. By doing so, it can trace the information, send back to the main ship and provide this precious information for further action. In addition, it also cutting out the need for ships, crews and also the cost for the other ships.

In the near future, hopefully this Boeing Echo Voyager can be used to find information that is very useful for our nation and our world. At the same time, could be use to find the MH370 victims and plane one day.