Nikon is widely known brand especially in term of camera. Few months ago, Nikon has launched their new technology camera which is known as KeyMission360. This product is special developed in order to compete with GoPro and also SonyProCam that likely known as a action camera.

The major differences between the KeyMission 360 compare to the other action cameras is that KeyMission360 can capture and record video 360 degree. It can capture and record anything 360 degree within its range. Thus it doesn't need any extra camera to record or to capture image from any diffferent angles, only one KeyMission360 is already sufficient.

There are also some features that still the same with the other action cameras such as that the KeyMission360 is 100% waterproof and can withstand almost 35 meter water depth. Then it is also comes with the vibration reduction system which this system could lowered the vibration effect during the video filming thus make the video and the image become more clearer. In terms of resolution and screen effect, it comes with 4K Ultra HD with duals lenses and image sensors that could produce an immersive Ultra HD video and image.

Last but not least about the feature of this camera is that this little cute thing is a shockproof where it could stands up dust, shock and low temperature. For the apps, it does has it own apps that could connect the camera to our smartphones that could connected via bluetooth and wifi.


Samsung Gear VR is a product that is developed by Samsung and Oculus. Basically it is a first virtual reality headset that all of the consumers can experience anything they want virtually. Rather then 3D, this gadgets can deliver a virtual experience just like that enable the consumers watching 360 degree movies and playing feel-just-like-real game.

How to use it?
It's very simple. Just simply loaded the phone into the headset and then you are ready to go. At least for now, the Gear VR only compatible with four different Samsung phones: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and the Note 5. Once the headset is launched, consumers will be brought VR content portal where they can launch variety of apps, movies and games.

Just attaches to your head by using two straps that are provided and it should looks like the way it wear in the picture.

Of course, there pros and cons for everything. In this Gear VR, the pros are that the VR is completely wireless, great head tracking and solid content library. While the cons are that the VR has quite disappointed resolution, the full games quite expensive and only compatible for 4 galaxy phones. To conclude, anyone who are already own the 4 types Samsung Galaxy, the consumers must take a special consideration because it is interesting to experience the Gear VR


Smartphones are well known devices during this time. Recently Samsung have launched their latest smartphone which widely known as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Edge S7 have all the properties and characteristics from their previous product such as a phone with a big screen and be able to comfortably use it in one hand. 

Starting price for S7 Edge is rm3000+ and has a uniques curved display technology which has become the trend of the samsung edge generation. The S7 models look almost identical from the previous product which Galaxy S6 but the different is that, Samsung took what was good in the S6 the refined and produced something that is much better.


S7 Edge gas phablet-class 5.5-inch screen  which are quad HD, Super AMOLED, fantastic, taller and wider than before. Next, the processor  which it is paired with 4GB of RAM and has no trouble when performing multitasking. The battery life span has been improve dramatically, it has a whopping 3,600mAh (38.5 percent larger) battery that could long lasting for more than a day and at the same time it comes with a wireless fast charging which makes it easy to top up the battery life. in term of storage, S7 Edge has the ability to increase it SD card up to 200GB. Thus, most people don't have to worry about insufficient storage that always pop up on their screen whenever they encounter this kind of problem.

In addition, the back of the phone is curve instead of flat. Samsung ensure that with the curvy back, the consumers can hold the S7 Edge much easier and also provide a better grip for the them. The most interesting about this S7 Edge is that the product is water resistant. From Samsung statement, they say that S7 Edge can withstand up to 30 minutes in a water with a depth of 1m. This is absolutely provide a very good benefits to the consumers because they don't have to worry about the being insecure with there's a contact with water. No need to worry with the charging port, earphone port or what ever ports that are exist at the S7 Edge, the water will not damage the internal features in the phone.


'Touch, Hear and Read' - This digital pen quran is a assisting tools that help consumers to improve their recitation in Al-Quran. This is kind of technology is very suitable for those who are newbies in recite Al-Quran especially for the children.

Just point the pen at any word, ayah or surah is enough to play the audio which were recites by world famous qaris and reciters. In addition, the consumers also could store their own preferred reciter as optional in the pen via the USB cable. Other than storage, the pen also has the ability to record consumer's voice and replay it in order to analyse their own recitation for better learning.

In terms of general features, it has smart design, clear and loud sound with built-in speakers and headphone. Rechargeable battery and also could travel friendly universal SC charger works in all voltage ranges.


The name of Boeing is very similar in the airline industries which are mostly refer to a big plane. Now Boeing has come out with a new technology in the innovation of air drone and also submarine drone. The submarine drone is known as Boeing Echo Voyager the latest unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV). 

This drone can operate for months at a time without the help from the ships help. This is because the 15.5 meter drone operate with hybrid system which recharge the power system and also the modular payload bay. Compare to the previous drones, they can only operate for a few hours in a day before come back to the main ship in order for the drones to recharge their battery life.

Boeing Echo Voyager is used the surface of the sea or to detect any treats that will be used in the army. By doing so, it can trace the information, send back to the main ship and provide this precious information for further action. In addition, it also cutting out the need for ships, crews and also the cost for the other ships.

In the near future, hopefully this Boeing Echo Voyager can be used to find information that is very useful for our nation and our world. At the same time, could be use to find the MH370 victims and plane one day.