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Nikon is widely known brand especially in term of camera. Few months ago, Nikon has launched their new technology camera which is known as KeyMission360. This product is special developed in order to compete with GoPro and also SonyProCam that likely known as a action camera.

The major differences between the KeyMission 360 compare to the other action cameras is that KeyMission360 can capture and record video 360 degree. It can capture and record anything 360 degree within its range. Thus it doesn't need any extra camera to record or to capture image from any diffferent angles, only one KeyMission360 is already sufficient.

There are also some features that still the same with the other action cameras such as that the KeyMission360 is 100% waterproof and can withstand almost 35 meter water depth. Then it is also comes with the vibration reduction system which this system could lowered the vibration effect during the video filming thus make the video and the image become more clearer. In terms of resolution and screen effect, it comes with 4K Ultra HD with duals lenses and image sensors that could produce an immersive Ultra HD video and image.

Last but not least about the feature of this camera is that this little cute thing is a shockproof where it could stands up dust, shock and low temperature. For the apps, it does has it own apps that could connect the camera to our smartphones that could connected via bluetooth and wifi.

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